Ai Oikawa, CEO/CSO, introduced patent-pending technology at Zhejiang University, College of Life Sciences

May 10, 2018

Founded in 1897, Zhejiang University is committed to the highest standards of excellence in education and research and has been at the forefront of academic leadership in China.

   College of Life Sciences, Zhejiang University, developed from the former Department of Biology, National Zhejiang University founded in September 1929, is proud of its almost 90 years history and lots of outstanding scholars. Many distinguished biologists, including Shizhang BEI, Zongluo LUO, Zhaoqian ZHANG, Jiazhen TAN, Lvji SHI, Renbao ZHU, Zhen YAO, Jiaonai SHI, studied or taught here.

        College of Life Sciences was re-organized in 1999. The college has about 120 faculty and staff members including 45 professors and 27 associate professors. Faculty members include those awarded by the Chinese government’s Thousand Talents Program, the Chinese Ministry of Education’s Cheung Kong Scholars Program, and Zhejiang Provincial Hundred Talents Program. Currently, about nearly 927 full-time students register in the college for various programs, including 319 undergraduate students, 265 for master’s degree graduates, and 343 PhD candidates.