AFINGEN was introduced in TechAccel Ag Biotech Market Map 2020: Stunning growth in Ag Biotech Market investments

April 8, 2020


Two years ago, we shared a map of the Ag Biotech Market that showed 245 startups working in plant and animal biotechnology. Since that original map, we’ve continued to track the market and, this year found a stunning doubling of investment dollars – $6.9 billion across 385 companies, compared to $3.4 billion in 245 companies in 2017. This investment is robust, despite the protracted negative agricultural cycle and massive impacts from trade tariffs.  From our original research (also published at AgFunder), we knew the market was dynamic and complex. We held our focus to Agricultural biotechnology start-ups founded since 1995 in the broad category of farm innovations made with biology and chemistry. Our list includes genetics, breeding, animal health and more.


TechAccel, a technology and venture development organization, focuses on global challenges in plant and animal science. We source innovations and fund scientific advancement and accelerate commercialization of breakthrough technology. We monitor and track investments in agtech, animal health and food technology, as well keep close tabs on research and innovations in our focus areas. The new additions to our list – 140 companies – are new startups and in some cases, newly emergent firms that had been operating under the radar. We used a variety of techniques to find the companies in our list, but not all startups have financial disclosures filed, high-profile investors or even homes in prominent accelerators and mentoring programs. We are certain the true total of investment dollars in our 385 companies will be far greater than the $6.9 billion we uncovered. The additional $3.5 billion-plus total invested across new and existing companies in plant and animal biotech in the past two years is a testament to the growing field and big bets on biotechnology.