AFINGEN’s SynBio Panel “10 Billion: Designing crop for the next generation” is on the Leaps by Bayer x SynbioBeta video collection

November 15, 2020

AFINGEN synbio panel “10 Billion: Designing crop for the next generation” is now available on the Leaps by Bayer x SynbioBeta video collection website.




SynBioBeta is the premier innovation network for biological engineers, investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs who share a passion for using biology to build a better, more sustainable universe. SynBioBet provides our community members with personal and professional development support, as well as valuable opportunities for partnership, collaboration, networking, and education. SynBioBeta hosts The Global Synthetic Biology Summit in San Francisco in October each year, which showcases the cutting-edge developments in synthetic biology that are transforming how we fuel, heal and feed the world. And SynBioBeta provides ample opportunities to meet and explore with the bright minds building the bioeconomy.

Building A Better Future With Biology

SynBioBeta x Leaps by Bayer

SynBioBeta and Leaps by Bayer share a passion for building a better world with biology. We partnered for the SynBioBeta 2020 conference to shed light on the future of synthetic biology. We are happy to share some of the sessions and Leaps Talks presented at this year's conference. In these discussions, leaders in health, agriculture, and culture explore a range of fascinating topics, from future-proofing biotech against ethical failings to investing in effective tech to halt climate change, the depth of the sea, the human microbiome, and beyond…

10 Billion: Designing crop for the next generation

Panels: Megan Molteni, Writer, WIRED, Ai Oikawa, CEO, AFINGEN, Cherie Ochsenfeld, Data Scientist, Pairwise, Derek Norman, VP Venture Investments, Leaps by Bayer

The convergence of tech and biology is bringing the day closer when the most affordable and delicious foods will also be good for our bodies and the planet. To achieve this, new R&D platforms are needed that put crop engineering into action at the scale and speed of the cloud.





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