Kenneth Davenport, Ph.D.

September 8, 2018


Kenneth Davenport, Ph.D. is an agricultural industry veteran, having served in leadership and executive capacities as Vice President of Strategy & CTO of Chromatin, Inc., Director of New Business Ventures with Bayer CropScience, GmbH, and CEO of ArborGen, LLC. Ken has held numerous leadership and executive roles focused on strategy and its implementation at the leading edge of novel technology and unique commercial opportunities ranging from chemistry and biotechnology to biopharma and agricultural (e.g., cotton, forestry, specialty crops) industries. Prior to entry into the ag-biotech, seed, and related industries, he served as Director of Central Research for Hoechst Celanese. As part of the Afingen team, he places particular emphasis on Afingen’s product development; regulatory, intellectual property and out-licensing strategies; and approaches to third-party leaders in the ag-biotech, planting seed, and related industries.